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  1. Show shop name on an invoice
  2. Import items with reduced VAT rate correctly into PamBill
  3. Does PamBill offer a dunning system?
  4. Does PamBill offer a test environment for new shops?
  5. Emailing of invoices and the status check
  6. Export invoice data from PamBill in CSV format
  7. Are there different invoice templates in PamBill?
  8. Is PamBill multi-shop capable?
  9. Can I disable the header and/or footer of an invoice when printing?
  10. Can I save a QR code on the invoices?
  11. Can I print my own, freely selectable text on the invoice?
  12. Can I also create manual invoices in PamBill?
  13. Can I use my own company logo?
  14. Can I use PamBill with multiple store systems at the same time?
  15. Can I add promotional items to any invoice?
  16. One-Stop-Shop (OSS) scheme in PamBill
  17. Configure SMTP server
  18. Unsupport for refunds and cancellations from Shopify
  19. Does PamBill support all payment methods of the stores?
  20. Does PamBill support invoice to EU foreign countries?
  21. Does PamBill support different VAT rates?
  22. Does PamBill support connections to e.g. DATEV?
  23. Manage different status of the invoices
  24. Select many invoices and export them to a CSV file
  25. Fully automatic order import and e-mail dispatch
  26. What invoice templates are available in PamBill?
  27. Which store systems are supported?
  28. What types of invoice shipping does PamBill offer?
  29. Are vouchers supported?
  30. Are discounts supported on individual items?
  31. How do I issue invoices to entrepreneurs within the European Union?
  32. How does the customer management work?
  33. How do I import orders from Jimdo?
  34. How do I import orders from Shopify?
  35. How do I import orders from Squarespace?
  36. How do I import orders from Thinkific?
  37. How can I import orders from Webflow?
  38. How to send a generated invoice?
  39. How can I import purchase orders and generate invoices?
  40. How can I reset my PamBill account?
  41. How can I correct a billing address after import?
  42. How does the automatic order import work?
  43. How do I delete invoices or customer data?
  44. How to cancel an invoice or create a credit note?
  45. Where can I disable the sentence "Delivery date equals invoice date" on the invoice?
  46. Add additional information to the payment methods
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