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Import items with reduced VAT rate correctly into PamBill
Last Updated a year ago

Since the One-Stop-Shop support has been implemented in PamBill, the VAT processing takes place exclusively in PamBill. The reason is that some store systems do not or only partially transmit the correct VAT rates.

The decisive factor is the settings in PamBill. By automatic recognition, it will be shown which VAT rates are correct for you. For items with reduced VAT there is a special feature to consider. For this, we have implemented our own solution, which allows recognition during import and thus a safe assignment of the correct VAT rate.

The reduced VAT values are now recognized by means of a code word in PamBill. This can be a word or a code. For example, if you sell coffee and in each article description of reduced VAT article there is the word "coffee", then you can set this word as recognition in PamBill. Then PamBill will automatically apply the reduced VAT rate when this word/code is recognized.

If you have set up your own code, PamBill can automatically remove the word from the article name after import.

It is possible to reliably process items with different VAT rates in PamBill.
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