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Sale of items with reduced VAT rate in Jimdo store to be displayed correctly in PamBill
Last Updated 10 months ago

Jimdo started to disable VAT settings for products on 7/1/2021. The reason was because they did not want to implement One-Stop-Shop. From that moment all prices in the store were gross prices (including VAT). Where you sell to then is the Jimdo store user's problem.

We then implemented the One-Stop-Shop support and with that then also moved the complete VAT processing and control to PamBill. This then allowed our customers to issue tax-correct invoices to EU customers and report the correct VAT totals to the tax office.

Since Jimdo no longer fully transmits the VAT rates to the products, we decided to provide security here. Therefore, the complete VAT processing now takes place in PamBill. Regardless of which VAT rates Jimdo sends.

For items with reduced VAT, there were big problems right from 7/1/2021. New customers no longer received VAT values and products with reduced VAT were displayed with the full VAT. As a result, we implemented our own solution. Since we don't get the VAT values from Jimdo anymore (or not reliably), we do this based on a recognition.

This can be a word or a code, just as it suits you. If you sell e.g. coffee and in every article description of reduced VAT article is the word "coffee", then you can set this word as recognition in PamBill. Then PamBill will automatically apply the reduced VAT rate when this word/code is recognized.

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