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Add additional information to the payment methods
Last Updated 2 years ago

PamBill supports a variety of payment methods of the different store systems.

The method of payment is listed on the invoice, but this is often unfortunately very short and as a seller you often want to give the customer an additional hint.

PamBill offers the option to add a separate text for each payment variant. This is especially handy to avoid duplicate payments when you send an invoice to a customer who has already paid by credit card or PayPal.

  1. In the PamBill Dashboard, click on "Options", then on "Billing Options".
  2. Go to "Advanced Settings."
  3. Select "Payment Settings."
  4. You will now see all payment types. For each status you can insert an additional text. This text will be displayed on the invoice right after the payment option (Invoice, PayPal, etc.).
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