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How to send a generated invoice?
Last Updated a year ago

After you have imported new orders from a store system, PamBill generates PDF invoices from them.

You can download these PDF invoices and send them by mail to the customer, or print them out.

Alternatively (depending on the booked package), you can use the automatic emailing feature of PamBill. After importing, PamBill will then automatically send the PDF invoice to the customer. PamBill flags the sending, so you can always see the status. Also you can see if the email was delivered successfully or if there was an error.

If you have our Pro package, then you can also use your own SMTP server when sending e-mails. Then the emails will also come from the same domain as the store. This provides more convenience and security.

If the automatic email sending is used with the fully automatic import, then you do not need to worry about anything. PamBill then imports new orders fully automatically and sends the PDF invoices to the customer by email. In this case you will receive a daily email with a summary of the shipment. This fully automatic feature is included in the Pro package.

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