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One-Stop-Shop (OSS) scheme in PamBill
Last Updated a year ago

PamBill fully supports the OSS (One-Stop-Shop) tax scheme. The OSS adjustments are made automatically after importing the orders. PamBill knows all the tax rates of the EU countries and applies them fully automatically, depending on the buyer's address. You do not need to set or adjust anything else.

The OSS function can be activated directly in the settings in PamBill -> Open settings.

In the reports section there are two new reports to give you a better overview. One shows you, per EU country, the sales, VAT totals and number of orders. A second report shows you the sales in the home country, the EU and outside the EU. Here again broken down by sales, VAT totals and number of orders. This allows you to quickly and easily create the quarterly OSS report.

Note: the OSS function is only available when VAT processing is active. Therefore, the OSS function is only available in the Basic and Pro packages. The OSS function works with all store systems and also with manual invoice creation.

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