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Select many invoices and export them to a CSV file
Last Updated about a month ago

If numerous invoices are to be exported in a CSV file, PamBill helps with the selection. Below is described how to select a range of invoice numbers and then export this invoice data via CSV file.

1. Enter the invoice range on the invoice overview page.

2. select "Show All" in the "Per Page" selector at the bottom of the invoice table. The selected invoices will be displayed. 3.

3. click the checkbox in the table header to select all invoices. Note: this process can take up to 30 seconds as the browser needs time to cycle through the items.

Then scroll to the bottom of the table and export the selected invoices as a CSV file as usual.

Now reset the invoice filter you created earlier in two ways (so that all invoices are displayed again):

5.1 Reset all filters by selecting "Reset search" (or click on the recycle icon). Then the "Per Page" setting will automatically be reset to the default setting of 40 invoices.

5.2. delete the range of invoice numbers and press the Enter key.
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