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How do I import orders from Thinkific?
Last Updated a year ago

PamBill supports Thinkific, the #1 platform for individuals and businesses to create, market, sell and deliver online courses.

Using PamBill with Thinkific is simple. In this article, we will outline two areas that may be helpful for you to get started.

If you want to use PamBill without VAT (for example, as an educational institution or small business owner), then you need to make the following invoice settings.

In the VAT settings section:

  1. turn on "VAT will not be charged as we are a tax exempt organization." YES
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the section and toggle "Show VAT on invoices" NO.
  3. A little further down, check the "Note if VAT = 0%" box. He can change the text or leave it blank.

To customize PamBill for Thinkific import data, make the following settings in the PDF settings section:

  1. switch "Show Purchase Order Number" to NO, as these are automatically created from the purchase order data and do not look nice. This is for technical reasons
  2. Switch "Show customer email address" to NO to print the customer's email address on the invoices.

If you make these settings, VAT extraction on import and VAT display on invoices will be turned off, so you don't need to turn off the "Extract VAT on import" settings.

Now you can start the import. Note that the required data from Thinkific is located in two separate CSV files. Therefore, always proceed as follows:

  1. Export the customers from Thinkific. The file contains the word "user_export" and contains all customer data. PamBill needs this information because otherwise the imported orders will have no customer address. Always do this import before importing the new orders.
  2. Export the orders from Thinkific. This file contains the word "Orders_till" and contains all orders. Import this file and you will receive legally compliant PDF invoices. Note: PamBill does not import any order twice, because all imported orders are automatically checked and matched.
Note: Since the Thinkific CSV data does not contain currency data, you need to set it in your company settings.
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