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Fully automatic order import and e-mail dispatch
Last Updated a year ago

PamBill offers a fully automated order import for Jimdo Creator and Jimdo Dolphin. Note: This feature is only available in the Pro package.

In PamBill you set at which two times of the day new orders should be imported. PamBill will then automatically check if there are new orders in the store and import them.

Afterwards you can apply the automatic e-mail dispatch. In this case, your customers will automatically receive a mail with the PDF invoice after placing an order in the store.

Alternatively, you can, for example, have a delivery bill sent to a shipping service provider by e-mail.

PamBill sends you a daily email with the shipping results if you have enabled emailing. This way you can see which e-mails were delivered successfully and which were not. By the way, you can also see this in the invoice overview in PamBill, each invoice is marked with a dispatch status. This way you keep a full overview of sent invoices.

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